Group Exhibitions

2017     ‘Tripin on Belleville” Crew Solo Exhibition Billy Gee- Alex Martinez-Lune82 .   Paint 100m space together with canvas work.

Guests : Pupet/Sinke/This is Opium/Solalas. 7/4-7/5.   Curator Marilena V. Karra.

2016      Bouzianis Museum” Athens. The concept of the exhibition is based on the certainly that his sensitivity must be ‘resurrected’ by artists of                        the  most popular contemporary form of expression: Street Art.  

Duration: 07/04 – 07/06 Curator Foivos Kypraios.

2015      Art Athina” – Gallery  Widmertheodoridis from Zurich “Balloon Season” canvas series (20 th anniversary of art Athina)

2014      No respect exhibition” – Onassis Cultural Center, Athens Curator Marilena V. Karra.

2012      Art in the front page” – Benaki Modern Museum, Athens

2011       Urban Art 3”, 28 graffiti writers and street artists, Athinais Gallery

2010       Urban Art 2”, 38 artists on street culture, Technopolis Gazi Cultural Center

2009      Athens Voice – First Page”, Benaki Modern Museum

2008     Group exhibition under the theme “City of Athens” Benaki Modern Museum



Murals Solo

  ‘Street Art City’  Paint for ‘Hotel 128′  Room 061, title “Motel Palace’ together with 2 canvases (100×100 70 x 100).

Lurcy-Levis  France.

2018 ” Gee Land ” Three floor Building, kids school / Acrylic Colors and Aerosol Spray Glyfada Athens.

“Caravan Palace” Maquis Art Wall of Fame  the first Street Art Museum,  L’Aerosol  6 X 8 m. Paris- France.

2017      “Riding Enlightenment” wall 10 x 3 m University of the Aegean, acrylic & aerosol spray. Samos island –The Karlovasi Festival.

2016     Metal Twelfth Gorila”  20m x 3,5 m Abandoned industrial space in Athens.. Plastic & Aerosol spray.

2015     Mental Sickness” : (Greece hooked in Europe….) Fresh out-door paint in an Abandoned building close to the sea.. 7 m. width X 3 m. height.

Sci-Fi Lion” Mytilene island, City Hall. Exterior – 4 X 6 meter ,under the auspices of  “Beach Street Festival”.

2014     Flying Arc”, Kolonos, Athens, Exterior – 30 X 20 meters


Murals Collaborated .  

2018   ‘Whale Travel’ with Sinke. Abandoned buildings in Athens.

Street Art Square” Selfish’ a project under Pafos 2017 European Capital of culture/ Paphos (CY) collab with Alex Martinez & Lune82.

‘Ark of the world” paint one floor 200 m,  together with Pupet & A.Martinez orphanage in Athens.

Stray Art Festival”  Siros island  “Dive with me” mural with Alex Martinez.

Evolution  Paint that Dino Balloon with  Peams (CSX-Oniro)  At Gennevilliers 92  Paris  France

2017     Recover” jam wall Artists: Billy Gee- Smile-Bane & Pest- Tasso Maclaim-Alex Martinez-Dhal-Lune82-Rusl Love Letters- Meats.                                        #colornomads Meeting Zürich, Switzerland.

“Platonic Academy” Three Floor Building with Alex Martinez. No Scaffolding! Athens Gr

“Baker By Nature” Paint a three Floor Building on a West Side of Athens with Lune82.

Street Art Square Festival a project under Pafos 2017 European Capital of culture programme as Paphos (CY)

collab with Alex Martinez &  Lune82. “Aphrodite Children”..

 2016      Lesvos Island with Alex Martinez big project 50 x 2,5 m “Bird’s Attack”.

2015      Spray Day Jam”  Zurich Swiss with Bane & pest Color Nomads

How a Skater is Born” in Zurich Swiss with Bane & Pest (36x 4.5 m) Color Nomads   

Robots in Nature ” with  Lune82,  Plastic and Aerosol Spray ( 20 m in 3 days)  Vioral co. Aspropirgos Athens.                  

Street Art Square  Paphos Cyprus  ESC  three floor building with Lune82, Pest and  tayser .

2014     All Dogs Go To Heaven exterior “Loukanikos the riot dog” collab. with Alex Martinez and N-Grams, center of Athens.. 5 x 3 meters

Beach Octopus”, Mytilene island, Eressos, Exterior – 2 storey building under the auspices of Beach Street Festival. Collab. of 6 street artists

Balloon Forest”, Private House, Exterior 8 X 10 meters Collab. with WD (wild drawing)


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