Don't Talk About it... Be about it.

From 1997 up until today he is travelling all around Europe, participating in contests, gaining recognition and several awards.

In 1999 he began writing articles about skateboarding in magazines like: Drop in, Good times, Flipside, Kingpin, Sidewalk.

In 2003 he became a freelance writer for Athens Voice (free press) having a weekly column for the past 10 years.

Organizer of several skate contests with John Gordios like Klaoudatos (1996) Chalkida skate park (2000-2001-2002). The best street skateboarding contest in Athens Pedion Areos guest (Joe Lorence, Jan Marc Soulet05) (2005-2006-2007).

Member of the organising committee of the Skate And The City contest (2008-2009-2010-2011), and Battle of Color contest (2009-2012).

Creator with (John Gordios and Hippys) of the first Greek skate video “Focus” in 2000. It was the start needed for Athens Greek Skate Video productions that followed. Sposored by Master s.a.

During the 2006-2007 period he worked as a team manager for Board Sports in companies like Sole Tech, Carharrt, Altamont Clothing.

In 2008, during the Flipside skate awards, he received the title of “the legend”. This recognition made him very proud and gave him strength to continue working for the skate scene he loves!

After 20 active years he has been an important, influencial person among the Greek Skateboarding community also acknowledged abroad.

11.06.11 Organising in Thessaloniki line skateboard contest on a local spot in the center of the city. Support Athens Voice,Soul Mag,DC shoe,Sake Tattoo,Ladoze bar.

In 2010 there was an organizational member for MTV On The Go «Europe Tour» with Kostas Mandilas & Thomas Galanis. Forty days in Europe together with Michael Vassilakis, Thanos Panou and Nestor Charitonidi.

The last 6 years working as a Team Manager for Vans Footwear for VF Hellas and Cyprus.

Collaboration with Monster Energy Drink.